Being a youth leader can be one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences of your life. But there are also times when it presents its very own unique set of challenges.

These are 10 times when being a youth leader is just the worst:

1. When you planned an outdoor activity, and it starts raining so hard you consider building an ark:

2. When you’re trying to keep a tight schedule, but everyone is showing up late…

3. When you try to do a craft project, but the kids are making a mess:

4. When you think you had a meeting space reserved but you walk in and it’s already full.

5. When one of the kids asks a super confusing theological question and you have no idea how to answer.

6. When you ask about the budget for the youth group:

7. That “one” kid.

8. When it’s time for the kids you really love to leave the group.

9. When you have plans after, but you can’t leave until everyone else does:

10. When ABSOLUTELY NO ONE shows up…

11. Bonus: When the kids say how much they love you and you know all the hard work is worth it…

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