As kids, summer seemed like an eternity. Weeks upon weeks of afternoons spent at the neighborhood pool, picnics at the lake, family trips to zoo, fireworks, watermelon, hotdogs on the grill.

As adults, summer can pass like the blink of an eye.

Before you’ve filled up each and every day of your summer with family activities and other responsibilities, consider the following three reasons why a Steubenville Conference should be included in the mix.

1. Your Family Will Thank You For It
There’s no denying it – God’s presence descends on everyone who attends our summer conferences. Most leave for home with a change of heart and spirit. The effects of those few days on campus can pay dividends for weeks and years, enriching and impacting those with whom we spend our time each day. If your teen has attended a Steubenville Conference before, you know the change of heart we’re talking about. You, too, can encounter God’s presence in a powerful way. Each of our adult conferences is designed to propel you closer to Christ in different ways. Come experience it for yourself this summer and watch as your family absorbs some of the graces you receive.

2. It Will Change the Way You Participate in the Mass
You’ve probably found yourself, at one time or another, daydreaming during Sunday Mass, maybe wondering why week after week you continue to spend time sitting the pew and feeling none the holier. Put an end to the wondering, and begin a journey towards discovering God’s true presence. A great place to start is at a Steubenville Conference. Our team of world-class speakers can speak to your heart in a way that may help you understand the mysteries of our faith in a better way. Suddenly, your hour a week at Mass becomes less of a chore and more of a gift.

3. You Will Find Your Place Within a Vibrant Community of Catholics
Those who attend our summer conferences are often amazed by the sheer volume of on-fire Catholics who descend upon campus. Who knew there were so many vibrant Catholics out there? Come see for yourself – discover a new community of faithful Christ-followers, all seeking to know God more deeply. We’ve saved you a seat and are waiting with open arms. All you have to do is accept the invitation!

See what’s in store this summer at Franciscan University. Click here to view all our adult conferences. Register before April 29 and receive up to $25 off.