The Campus Ministry Track is a comprehensive program offering the methodological, philosophical, and doctrinal topics essential to evangelizing and making disciples on college campuses. Any effort to reach college students must start with a proper Catholic worldview and a missionary mindset. Through presentations by veteran campus ministers, this track will take you through the essential steps for developing and growing your campus ministry. Attention is particularly given to sustained, long-term growth and not just short-term gains. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded campus ministers for mutual support and fellowship.

2018 Campus Ministry Track Workshops

Principles of Ministry Growth

Developing a Missionary Mindset

Reaching Every Person: Introduction to LSO
(Large Group, Small Group, One on One)

Fundamentals of Evangelization: Content of the Kerygma

Prayer: The Foundation of Mission

Engaging with Culture: Principles

Theology of the Body

Track Presenters