Main Campus Event
COVID-19 Policy

Updated: 3/16/2021 


We are committed to keeping our conference guests safeAs such, the Steubenville Conferences will be employing various COVID protocols at our 2021 summer events to promote a great and healthy experience for all our guests. Below is a summary of these proceduresDue to the fluidity of COVID, we will continue to monitor the situation in consultation with CDC and State of Ohio guidelines. As such, the COVID protocols being employed could changePlease feel free to reference this site on an ongoing basis to keep current on our related policiesWe look forward to serving you! 

Main Venue Capacity and Sanitization
  • For proper social distancing, we are limiting our venue capacity to comply with the State of Ohio and Franciscan University of Steubenville guidelines.
  • For seating within the venue, groups will be broken down into subgroups of no more than 10 to minimize exposure.
    • To minimize the spread of germs, the seats will be sanitized after each general session.
      • Friday night
      • Saturday morning/afternoon
      • Saturday night
      • Sunday morning
  • Guests are not allowed to congregate (or form mosh pits) along the main stage or participate in congo lines in the venue prior to or during sessionsThese protocols are to help ensure proper social distancing and safety for all. 
Additional Venues - Capacity and Sanitization
  • Each venue will be marked with the predetermined capacity that allows for social distancing.
  • Our conference team will be monitoring the number of people in these venues.
  • They will be sanitized after each session.
    • This will also occur at each Confession station after an individual leaves his/her Confession.
Communal Areas (Such as JC Williams Center and Dorm Lobbies)
  • Each will be marked with the predetermined capacity that allows for social distancing.
  • Our conference team will be monitoring the number of people in these areas and sanitizing on a regular basis.
  • Chairs and couches will be removed to encourage social distancing and to minimize the spread of germs.
  • All housing capacities will abide by State of Ohio and Franciscan University guidelines.
  • The rooms will be sanitized prior to arrival.
  • Limit capacity and socially distance those waiting in line.
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized upon arrival at campus and the frequency of bathroom cleaning and sanitization will be increased throughout the conference.
  • All food will be either pre-packaged/boxed or handled by qualified food hospitality personnel.
  • Guests will sit in their groups (of up to 10) around campus to eat.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at the entrance of every venue, in the lobby of all dorms, and where meals are distributed.
  • Everyone will be required to provide their own mask and wear it unless outside and socially distanced.
    • If a guest has an underlying health condition that precludes wearing a mask, they will need to indicate that at the time of registration and then provide a doctor’s note. He or she will be given a colored wristband at checkin.
  • All lines will be marked and regulated for social distancing (i.e., food, confession, entrance to venue, etc.).
  • Where possible, doors to venues will be designated as an entrance or exit to help with the ease and flow of traffic.
  • Where possible, doors to venues will be opened for guests by conference workers to minimize contactSpacing of guests entering venues will be monitored to help maintain social distancing.
  • Touchless water refill stations will be available in dorms and large conference venue. All guests should bring a personal water bottle. There will not be any common water coolers and cups available.
  • For communal area coffee pots, student workers will make and pour the coffee with gloves for attendees.
Monitoring Symptoms
  • People with COVID-19 have a wide range of symptoms – from being asymptomatic to having mild or severe symptoms. Symptoms may arise 2-14 days after exposure. Loss of taste or smell, congestion, runny nose, fever (over 100.4) or chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle/body aches, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, and/or diarrhea are common symptoms. You can access the CDC’s “Self-Checker” tool here as a guide to help you make decisions regarding seeking care.
  • All conference guests will need to sign a COVID liability release form as part of the registration process.
  • Upon arrival to campus, each guest will have a temperature check as well as provide attestation to questions pertaining to potential COVID symptoms or related exposure.
  • Additionally, each morning conference guests must obtain a temperature check as one leaves his/her dorm or enters the main conference venue.
  • If symptoms arise, the guest should go to EMSIf the individual with symptoms is a youth, he/she needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  • EMS will make an assessment.
  • If symptoms show that a guest may have COVID, he/she needs to go immediately to the nearest COVID testing station to obtain results.
    • If a positive test occurs, the individual will either need to leave the conference or enter designated quarantine rooms on campus for the remainder of the conference.
      • If the individual is a youth, proper communication of the situation will occur with a parent/guardian.
    • Subsequent contact tracing will occur, particularly amongst the individual’s groupApplicable quarantines will occur as per the State of Ohio and Franciscan University guidelines.
    • The rooms of those quarantined would be deep cleaned and sanitized.
Travel Restrictions
  • Need to abide by current CDC, State of Ohio, and international travel regulations.