“Steubenville Encounter isn’t just a youth conference with adults in attendance. Instead, it is an event that is intentionally tailored with you in mind. You’ll still find the beloved Franciscan charism and worship, but with a message and approach that is meant for you. Bring your friends and even your family – you won’t regret it.”

– Katie Hartfiel, Catholic Speaker and Author

“Bring your friends and even your family…”

“Franciscan University’s Steubenville Youth Conferences have been the ‘gold standard’ for Catholic youth conferences around the United States and Canada. My adult volunteers would always return from Steubenville Youth Conferences more on fire than the teens, so I was so excited to hear that they were going to tailor a new conference toward adults. You won’t want to miss it!”

– Dcn. Ralph Poyo, Founder of New Evangelization Ministries

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“You won’t want to miss it!”

“Coming to the conference was like discovering an oasis in the desert. A place where we can recharge and refresh for the battle ahead.”

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“A place where we can recharge and refresh…”

“This was my first Defending the Faith Conference, and although I expected great things from a conference at Franciscan University, I had no idea what I was in for–it was astounding. EVERY speaker was phenomenal, EVERY speaker gave a message of profound depth and importance, and all was expertly delivered. It is obvious that this conference commands the best-of-the-best in presenters, both in substance and style. God Himself will be the only thing stopping me from attending every year from now on!”

-Religious Sister, 2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“Every speaker was phenomenal…”

“Already a devoted, bold and enthusiastic Catholic, I now find myself at 51 years old, with the fire of my faith not just rekindled, but stoked and burning passionately brighter! I have already begun my journey of much more vibrant discipleship!”

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“I now find myself at 51 years old, with the fire of my faith not just rekindled…”

“This was my 1st Steubenville Conference, and I really did not know what to expect. I’ve often feel like I’m not ‘Catholic’ enough to really benefit from conferences and talks like this, but I was blown away by how approachable the speakers made the material, and I enjoy how the talks related to everyday life. ”

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“I was blown away…”

“The Applied Biblical Studies Conference truly does what it signifies. I understood the Book of Acts in light of the Holy Spirit and how to applied it to my life. It was enlightening to know that the Church is still living the Book of Acts. It was grace filled, especially through prayers, praise and worship, and the Eucharist! Praise God for inviting me to this conference!”

-2017 Applied Biblical Studies Participant

“It was enlightening…”

“It can be hard in parish setting to find other people who want to ‘go deep’ into Scripture. Learning from the speakers and other attendees at the Applied Biblical Studies Conference is like a booster shot that keeps us going for another year.”

-2017 Applied Biblical Studies Participant

“…like a booster shot that keeps us going…”

“The conference and the speakers propelled us along our journey as my wife and I are just beginning the process to deepen our relationship with Jesus. I believe the University and the conferences are one of God’s blessings for His people manifest on earth.”

-2017 Applied Biblical Studies Participant

“The conferences are one of God’s blessings…”

“There is something powerful about hundreds of Catholics coming together from all over the world to learn, fellowship and praise our Lord, Jesus Christ together at the Applied Biblical Studies Conference. It is extremely encouraging. Our Catholic Men’s Fellowship came for our second year and we loved it even more, especially praying with people and other groups. Thanks to Franciscan University for catalyzing a fire within the hearts of Catholics fortunate enough to attend these conferences!”

-2017 Applied Biblical Studies Participant

“It is extremely encouraging…”