Providing preparation for all those involved in assisting the conversion process of newcomers to the Catholic Faith, this comprehensive training program offers the methodological, philosophical, and doctrinal topics essential to the evangelization and catechesis of those investigating and approaching membership in the Catholic Faith. Believing that the most significant factor in this process of conversion is the passing on the witness of a faith lived out, Franciscan University has committed itself to assisting in the preparation of men and women equal to the catechumenal task. While presenting a systematic doctrinal foundation coming directly from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this track also includes the following: Scripture, the conversion process, liturgy, catechesis, pastoring, and the stages of the catechumenal process. Workshops on evangelism, canon law, and the catechumenate for children and adolescents will also be offered.

2018 Rite of Christian Initiation Track Workshops
Year One

Three Approaches to the RCIA Process

The Catechumenate: A Modern Restoration of an Ancient Practice

Liturgical Components of the Christian Initiation Process

Catechesis: Echoing What God has Revealed

Catechetical Components of the Christian Initiation Process

The Challenge of Charity: Life in God’s Family

Pastoral Components of the Christian Initiation Process

Year Two

The Catechists: Witness to the Truth

Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture

Analyzing Doctrine

Revelation, Grace and the Response of Faith: God’s Methodology

Creating an Environment for Conversion: Developing a Team

Companions on the Journey: Godparents and Sponsors

Track Presenters