By John Beaulieu,
Director of Marketing and Engagement at Steubenville Conferences

When I was 18 years old, my life changed forever.  I received new purpose, new direction, new love, and new life – all through an encounter with the living God!  I personally discovered God’s unconditional love for me in a moment of trust and surrender in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I walked out of the confessional a different person.  Who changed my life?  I know it was Jesus who changed me.  But He had help.

At 18, I was an insecure, selfish, angry young man who wanted nothing more to leave home and seek the pleasures and power of the world.  I wanted money, success, cars, women – I wanted it all.  I was all set to graduate and head down on this path that I thought would ultimately lead to my happiness.  But somehow I ended up on a retreat going to confession for the first time in 10 years.  I was right where God needed me to be me.

When Jesus touched my heart, it was like scales fell from my eyes.  I knew that nothing short of God’s love could ever fulfill me.  I gave up my plans for college and became a missionary serving with NET Ministries.  Why was I given this chance?

It is because somebody came out of his comfort zone in the name of Jesus and invited me to come on a retreat with him.  This person’s name is Gordy and I will be forever grateful to him.  Yes, Jesus changed my life but Gordy was one of His instruments – a very important instrument.

Each one of us has that same call and ability.  The New Evangelization starts with invitation and accompaniment – when we invite someone to come meet Jesus with us and we walk with the person on his or her journey.  St. Peter’s spiritual journey began because his brother, St. Andrew, invited him to come with him to meet Jesus.  Jesus Himself personally invited people to walk with Him.  Those who experienced His love and healing often left everything behind and followed Him down the road.

This summer you have the opportunity to be a hero to someone you know who needs more of Jesus in his or her life.  It takes no special talent or training.  Simply invite someone to come with you to a Steubenville Conference.  They will have their own encounter with Christ and through His grace receive new purpose, joy, and love in their lives.  God alone can change hearts but He needs us to lead people to His love.

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