This is an in-depth program developed to provide deeper formation for the youth minister, including presentations that are practical, academic, theological, and spiritual. Believing that the most significant factor in the catechetical endeavor is the individual catechist passing on a lived faith, Franciscan University has committed itself to assisting in the preparation of men and women equal to the task of catechesis in a youth ministry context.

Certification Requirements

Certification Requirements are fulfilled over two consecutive years which include 24 workshops (16 residential summer workshops and 8 online) as well as 8 general sessions. Participants begin with Year I and move to Year II Curriculum. Sessions for both are offered every year at the conference. Participants pursuing the certificate training must attend 8 Youth Ministry Track Workshops and all four general sessions during the week, at each conference (as well as 4 online workshops that follow). Attendance will be monitored at all sessions, including general sessions. Each participant will complete and submit an assessed project or paper each year. In the last year of training, the candidates will complete a 6-page essay assignment.

2018 Youth Ministry Track Workshops
Year One

A Vision for Effective Youth Ministry

Engaging Youth Culture

Incarnational Ministry: Relational Ministry with Teens

Partnering with Families

The Church, the Body of Christ:
Working with Bishops, Pastors, Staff, and Parents

Effective Catechesis in Youth Ministry

Methods and Practical Skills for Youth Ministry

Year Two

Personal Spirituality and the Call to Holiness

Counseling and Pastoral Care with Teens

The Liturgical Nature and Sacramental Life of the Church

Our Life in Christ: The Basics of Catholic Morality

Mobilizing Teens for Service, Leadership, and Vocation

Theology of the Body: Teaching Catholic Sexuality to Teens

General Introduction to Adolescent Development

St. John Paul’s Understanding of the Family

Track Presenters