“Coming to the conference was like discovering an oasis in the desert. A place where we can recharge and refresh for the battle ahead.”

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“A place where we can recharge and refresh…”

“This was my first Defending the Faith Conference, and although I expected great things from a conference at Franciscan University, I had no idea what I was in for–it was astounding. EVERY speaker was phenomenal, EVERY speaker gave a message of profound depth and importance, and all was expertly delivered. It is obvious that this conference commands the best-of-the-best in presenters, both in substance and style. God Himself will be the only thing stopping me from attending every year from now on!”

-Religious Sister, 2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“Every speaker was phenomenal…”

“Already a devoted, bold and enthusiastic Catholic, I now find myself at 51 years old, with the fire of my faith not just rekindled, but stoked and burning passionately brighter! I have already begun my journey of much more vibrant discipleship!”

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“I now find myself at 51 years old, with the fire of my faith not just rekindled…”

“This was my 1st Steubenville Conference, and I really did not know what to expect. I’ve often feel like I’m not ‘Catholic’ enough to really benefit from conferences and talks like this, but I was blown away by how approachable the speakers made the material, and I enjoy how the talks related to everyday life. ”

-2017 Defending the Faith Participant

“I was blown away…”