“So,  we are ambassadors for Christ,  as though God were making an  appeal  through us.”  

– 2 Corinthians 5:20 

Why Become A Steubenville Ambassador?

The mission of the Steubenville Conference Office is to “Go, Rebuild the Church.”  Now, more than ever, the Church needs people who are passionately in love with Jesus Christ to draw others into an encounter with His transforming love.

When you bring people to one of our 5 Steubenville Adult Conferences, you create the opportunity for God to work miracles in their lives so that they can join you in bringing renewal to your community.

Rebuild the Church. Be a Steubenville Ambassador. 



As a Steubenville Conference Ambassador, you will reach out in faith and strive to bring a group of 5 or more people to one of our Steubenville Adult Conferences and a life-changing encounter with Christ. 


Any person who plans on attending an adult conference in 2022 can serve as a Steubenville Conference Ambassador. All you need is a desire to renew the Church and the willingness to invest the time to invite others to join your group.  

Benefits for Individuals  

  • An awakening of faith 
  • A deeper awareness of God’s presence 
  • The joy of the Gospel 
  • Practical training and the courage to share the faith 
  • A renewed spirit 
  • Peace, joy, and fulfillment 

Benefits for Parishes

  • Enlivened Faith
  • Awakened Community
  • Individuals equipped to lead in the faith
  • Committed parishioners
  • Joyful parish
  • More engaged believers

Choose from one of 5 Steubenville Adult Conferences:


In order for you to succeed, the Steubenville Conferences Team and hands on Ambassador Coaches will provide you with all the resources and support you could possibly need!

  • DEDICATED SUPPORT: a personal coach to walk with you!
  • REWARDS: for reaching milestones in the program. Receive things like expedited check-in, reserved seating, motivational gifts, and more for you and your entire group! 
  • MEDIA KIT: flyers, invite cards, social media graphics and text, email templates, videos and more to help you reach your community in the best way possible.
  • WEBINARS: Exclusive time with members of our team and fellow Ambassadors, encouraging and supporting you on your journey as an Ambassador.
  • SUCCESS PLAN: through this plan, you can walk step-by-step through the process if planning, inviting, and attending the conference, ensuring the best possible experience. Accompanied by a Contact List Template and a Core Team Worksheet.
  • ONLINE PORTAL: One place to easily access it all!

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