The St. John Bosco Conference is pleased to serve catechists working in Catholic High Schools by offering the High School Symposium. This symposium is aimed at assisting High School religion teachers in deepening their knowledge of the content of catechesis and broadening their catechetical skills.

It is designed to serve the actual needs of teachers in a two-fold manner (1) by addressing the practical/methodological issues, and (2) by addressing the intellectual challenges they face in the classroom.


Consistent with the fact that theology is the handmaid of catechesis, we will present upper-level seminars to foster the teacher’s theological understanding of the faith. The high school religion teacher who has a sure grasp of sacred theology will be better equipped to teach the Catholic Faith in all its rigor and vigor (On Catechesis in Our Time 30) amidst the doubts and questions that fill the adolescent mind regarding the teaching of the Church.

Practical / Methodological

Actual classroom lesson plans that incorporate different educational/catechetical techniques will be developed and illustrated. The Church teaches that catechetical methodology is at the service of the content of the Deposit of Faith. We will be following a method developed by Msgr. Francis Kelly, who named it the Ecclesial Method. This methodology leads the student to both understanding and conversion (On Catechesis in Our Time 20). These workshops will also introduce the concept of “incarnational dynamism” in classroom teaching. This consists in drawing the student to the Person of Jesus Christ, (the content of all catechesis) through the use of contemporary and ancient sacred art, Christian and secular forms of music, popular as well as classical literature, film, and age-appropriate classroom activities. The aim will be to demonstrate various ways to teach doctrine in an engaging manner that will interest students and foster evangelization.

2018 Catholic Schools Track Workshops
Year One

Creating Space for Conversion

Teaching with the Saints

Making It Matter: Helping Students Deeply Engage and Desire the Truth

Stop and Think: The Psychology of Self-Regulation in Children and Teens

Reason, Religion, and Kindness: The Preventive System of St. John Bosco

Making Disciples through Creative Lesson Planning

What IS the Natural Law, Anyway?

Track Presenters