Not everyone can attend a Steubenville Conference to have a unique encounter with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.


And those that do attend often wish that they could have the Steubenville Conference experience more than just during the summer months at Franciscan University of Steubenville.


This is why we have created the Steubenville Parish Mission.


Invite Steubenville Conferences into your parish, where our own speakers and worship leaders will share the love of Christ, helping your parishioners to overcome their fears and live their God-given purpose as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Steubenville Parish Mission?

The focus of a Steubenville Parish Mission is to bring people into a transforming encounter with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and to call them to live a life-long journey as his disciples. Powerful preaching, worship, and Eucharistic Adoration awaken faith and renew hearts, leaving participants empowered and ready to deepen their relationship with Jesus and accompany others on their spiritual journey as disciples.

Of what does it consist?

The process of a Steubenville Parish Mission includes:

  • An eight-month preparation phase where our team works with your parish to help ensure the mission is a success. This includes not only the logistical steps necessary in planning the mission but also accompaniment in the spiritual formation of your parish core team.
  • The two-day mission led by an engaging speaker and a dynamic worship leader. We also provide an on-site program director to ensure the mission’s success.
  • A follow-up plan with resources that help to:
    • Form parishioners as disciples through authentic community, ongoing growth and transformation, and accompaniment.
    • Equip parishioners for the mission of helping others become disciples.
    • This will be facilitated by one of our staff during the third night’s Discipleship Session. All applicable materials and training will be provided.

What is unique about a Steubenville Parish Mission as compared to other mission offerings?

A Steubenville Parish Mission is unlike other parish mission offerings! We provide:

  • Ready-to-use promotional resources and related marketing strategies
  • Eight-month “pre-mission” fully-collaborative planning process
  • Nationally renowned Catholic speakers
  • Inspiring worship music
  • On-site parish mission coordinator
  • Engaging Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Powerful messaging about God’s transformative love and life in the Holy Spirit
  • 12-month “post-mission” follow-up plan, including the implementation of a process for discipleship formation

When are Steubenville Parish Missions offered?

These events are offered at any time throughout the year. Due to the eight-month preparation phase prior to the Mission, it is highly recommended that parishes contact us within 10-12 months of the desired event date.

How much does it cost?

The Steubenville Parish Mission is structured in such a way so as to ensure the greatest attendance and impact from the event yet result in a minimal financial outlay from the parish. To discuss the related details further, please contact Martin Watjen at (740) 284-5482 or at [email protected].